Grand Master Richard Hackworth

Richard Hackworth, Taekwondo Grand Master

Richard Hackworth Taekwondo

Richard Hackworth Grand Master of Taekwondo

When it comes to the tradtional military art form of Taekwondo in America, no figure has been more influential than Richard Hackworth. While others chased easy money promoting Taekwondo as a sport, Grand Master Richard Hackworth and a close circle of masters worked very hard to keep the classical form of Taekwondo alive in the USA. The major difference between military Taekwondo and sport Taekwondo is that military Taekwondo teaches a strict code of ethics and follows a mind, body and spirit training methodology.

Sport Taekwondo simply teaches that you prove your superiority to another human being by physically beating them down to be awarded a medal or trophy. Sport Taekwondo and the organizations that promote it lack moral development and philosophy of traditional Taekwondo in their teachings.

Richard Hackworth taekwondo teacher orlando winter garden

Graduation for Taekwondo Masters Course Seoul Korea

Born into a famous American military family, some say that the military arts are in his blood.

Few can claim that they dedicate each day to learning, teaching and promoting martial arts, or that they were hand-picked by Korea’s highest ranking Masters to be America’s first true Grand Master.

However, that is exactly what Grand Master Richard Hackworth has done.

Richard Hackworth kendo uniform

Richard Hackworth, Kendo student in Japan

His enthusiasm, charisma and ability to communicate with people of all ages have made him America’s most sought after Taekwondo martial arts teacher.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth is a highly sought after professional Taekwondo trainer, teacher, historian and philosopher.

His Taekwondo martial arts career began as a student in Japan where he trained in Karate and Kendo.

He also had some training in Aikido while preparing for a small part in a television mini-series.

After finishing his schooling in Japan he returned to the US where he joined the US Army and was stationed in Korea.

His time in Korea allowed him to train with the first generation of Taekwondo martial arts masters in Korea who were trained after the Japanese occupation. Their specialty was the military arts forms of Taekwondo and Hapkido, not the modern Olympic sport Taekwondo of today.

Richard Hackworth on japanese tv show

Richard Hackworth on the set of the King of Sports TV Show, Japan

Hackworth was the first of what is now called a “Multi-Arts Grand Master” having achieved

Grand Master level ranks in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Yudo and TaeGukKwan. Some of his past

Taekwondo instructors include Hong Chong Soo and Kim Yong Hon of MooDukKwan, Lee Yong Woo of JungDoKwan and Lee Suk Kyu of Tang Soo Do. Having different Taekwondo teachers gave him a unique perspective on the finer points of the art and helped him evolve his training into a new Taekwondo form in itself. GunDae Taekwondo, which became an official Kwan of the Korean
Martial Arts Instructors Association in October of 2007.

richard hackworth award from korean government

Certificate of Recognition from Korean Government

In recent years Hackworth has won international acclaim as an author and martial artist. His achievements and teachings have been featured in over 1,000 magazine articles worldwide.

He even received a special letter of appreciation from the Korean Government for his many contributions to the Taekwondo community.

Traveling the globe, he delivers amazing technical seminars with humor to audiences of all sizes. With an artful way of teaching that is entertaining and motivational he is known for his ability to impart a vision and clarify a purpose. Combining his thorough research, motivational strategies, humor, wisdom and international perspective to inspire audiences of students and masters alike.

richard hackworth author martial artist

Richard Hackworth is the author of more than 40 books on the topics of health and self improvement

Everyone enjoys his unassuming approach to sharing his wealth of knowledge.

As Hackworth has risen throught the martial arts ranks he has made several
outstanding achievements.

He became the first non-Korea to be allowed membership into the prestigious Korean Martial Arts Instructors Assocation and today serves as the International Director.

He has earned seven martial arts Hall-of-Fame inductions.

His studies in the Asian histories and philosophies have resulted in a Ph.D. in Asian Studies and a second Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine.

richard hackworth on the grand masters council

Richard Hackworth on the Grand Masters Council

These accomplishments make him one of the most qualified Grand Masters of his generation not only in the USA, but in the entire world. This is why he was the first non-Korean in the world to be appointed to the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association World Council.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth is probably most well known as the host of the “World Martial Arts” TV and Radio Shows.

richard hackworth world martial arts magazine

Richard Hackworth featured on the cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

World Martial Arts Media, Inc selected him as the Host of the show because of his professional reputation as a martial arts teacher and his past experience as a performer on other action oriented television programs.

The “World Martial Arts TV Show” features the best traditional martial arts teachers in the world and has a global audience that is growing rapidly.

He is now the Executive Editor of “World Martial Arts Magazine” and the Founder of the US National Taekwondo Association.

Richard Hackworth with the president of the World Taekwondo Federation

Richard Hackworth with the President of the World Taekwond Federation at Kukkiwon in Seoul, Korea

Now making his home in Florida, Richard Hackworth operates one of the world’s most successful Korean martial arts schools.

The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies school is discreetly located in a small shopping center in Winter Garden, Florida where his personal clients range from business professionals, police officers and corrections officers to other martial arts school owners.

Grand Master Richard Hackworth can be reached through his website at


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