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Welcome to the Taekwondo Schools Directory. Your resource for finding Taekwondo classes and Taekwondo schools in your local area. If you are looking to learn martial arts for fun, fitness and self defense then you will find a qualified teacher listed here. This blog is proudly Sponsored by World Martial Arts Media and the US National Taekwondo Association.

What is Taekwondo? That is a question with a two part answer because there are two things called “Taekwondo” that are very different in purpose. The first is Traditional Taekwondo that is a Korean military art that focuses on self defense and self development. The second is only a sport using a limited number of sport Taekwondo techniques for competition.

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How to Choose a Taekwondo School

Choosing a Taekwondo school would seem to be a simple matter. It is not.

taekwondo history

Historical Taekwondo Facts

The first question to be asked is: “What is your purpose in enrolling in a program?” Do you want to be an amateur athlete and participate in Kukki Taekwondo, or sport Taekwondo, the national sport of Korea? On the other hand, do you want to practice and learn a traditional Korean self defense art?

If your purpose is to learn a traditional Korean self defense art, you may very well learn that finding a proper school is something of a task, if not a quest. That is why this blog was created to assist people in finding qualified Taekwondo schools. A few simple concepts may help guide you in that quest.

First, remember that you do not have to give up either common sense or the benefit of your life experiences to date, to find Taekwondo schools, or any other martial art school for that matter. If something does not feel right to you, if something does not pass your personal sniff test, turn and walk away.

taekwondo schools book

Pictures from ancient Taekwondo book

Next, inspect the the training facility. Is it clean and professional appearing? Are the changing rooms clean? Inspect the restroom facility. Is it to your standards? Is there a first aid kit and are the local emergency numbers posted? Are the proper occupational licenses posted in plain sight? Are school rules posted? You are planning to enter an educational experience. If the school does not reflect a place of learning and respect, walk away.

Find out who actually owns the school and how often do they visit the location to manage quality control.

taekwondo master yong hon kim

Taekwondo Grand Master Yong Hon Kim

Check out the instructor(s). Is your potential instructor properly licensed by the US National Taekwondo Association? In Korea, where Taekwondo comes from, teaching it is considered a profession. Every instructor is required to have a designated level of college education. Instructors must attend, and pass, a national level instructor course. Every instructor registered in a Korean kwan must be endorsed by other instructors and a senior instructor must be listed on the license application as the one responsible for the instructor’s conduct and proficiency. All of this must be done before the Kwan will issue an instructor license.

There is an approved organization for the teaching of Traditional Taekwondo as a martial arts system. That organization is the US National Taekwondo Association.

The martial arts industry in the United States is a totally unregulated
multi-billion dollar industry. Because of this, there are unqualified instructors teaching in unsanctioned schools in nearly every shopping center in America. Caveat emptor.

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The Taekwondo Schools Listed Below Have Licensed Instructors Certified by the World Headquarters in Korea. Don’t Settle For Less! Schools are listed by the city and state in alphabetical order.

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  • Ocoee Ph: 352-638-8143
  • Orlando Ph: 407-923-5269
  • Winter Garden Ph: 321-443-8077


  • Taekwondo Schools in Conyers / Atlanta Ph: 917-929-0078 


  • Taekwondo Schools in San Saba Texas Ph: 325-372-4800


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